“Indianna” – 28mm Hasslefree Miniatures

Last week, and for the first time in a very long time, I painted something other than a Footsore Baron’s War knight figure.  It proved to be a welcome break and something I enjoyed so this week I painted the partner in crime for “Jones”, the aptly named “Indianna”.

As I very much consider them to be a pair I elected to go with more or less matching attire and identical base work to keep things simple.  My only real deliberation when I started painting the pair was whether or not to base them together or seperately.  In the end I went for seperate bases knowing I could always place them side by side if Iwanted to.

Images of “Indianna” below along with a coulple of her alongside “Jones”.



28 thoughts on ““Indianna” – 28mm Hasslefree Miniatures

  1. ‘Indiana was the dog’s name!’

    Great work here. The skin tone is perfect and the camo trousers are spot on. Indianna and Jones look as good together as they do apart. It’s interesting that Indianna found the time to apply a bit of lipstick in the middle of the apocalypse 😉

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  2. Those two look great and I like how they have matching fatigues on as well. As much fun as the knights are, its nice to you see paint some minis like this again. It almost makes me a bit nostalgic 😀

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  3. Oh TIM’s Hasslefree collection is back on the table! My favorite series from your blog. You always do them so well as mini-dioramas! Great Camo! And her face looks definitely more feminine than ‘Eavy Metal team manages to do with their paint-jobs! 😉

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