Knight Command No: 1

There are several Command packs in the Footsore Baron’s War range and this is the first of these two figure packs.  I had already painted and published the knight figure previously but hadn’t gotten round to getting the banner man done until now.

The colour scheme for the banner man isn’t based on anyone I’m aware of, if it is then it is by pure coincidence.  Colour wise I settled on light blue and white as I thought it would add visually to the army of figures further down the line.  Unsure what freehand to go with I eventually settled on a black Fleur de Lys for the shield and tunic.  For a simple shape I found it oddly more difficult than I had anticipated.  No doubt I’ll do more of them and next time it will prove easier.     

The actual banner was a simple affair made from Japanese writing paper and painted in the same light blue and white as the tunic and shield.

Below are a few images of the banner man and of the knight he is paired with in the pack but which you have seen before.




25 thoughts on “Knight Command No: 1

  1. There’s nothing like a great banner bearer in the medieval setting and this guy looks great. I really like the shield too. You have to have a good Fleur de lis (or two or three) in this era too 🙂

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    1. As a non gamer Anthony I really don’t know if I have enough for a skirmish game or not but what I do know is I’ve still got a he’ll of a lot still to paint! That said I’m enjoying the project. 😊


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