TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 110)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


This week saw two more archers done and with it the completion of Archers Pack 1.  Two more archer packs to go based on a quick glance of the to do pile.  Still progressing well but more impressively I’m managing to maintain my discipline with the project.  Although I’m confident of getting all the figures painted, albeit not for a while, the real challenge is not deviating along the way. So far so good but I’m sure a couple of unrelated figures have been winking at me!



Well It Made Me Laugh



Give Me Five

This week I got to thinking about cars in movies, particulalry vehicles which have become iconic.  Unsurprisingly there are quite a lot, more than I had anticipated in fact.  Needless to say opinion will be divided as I have left out some great vehicles but my top five, in no particular order, are as follows:

  1. 1964 Aston Martin DB5 (James Bond, Goldfinger)
  2. 1963 Herbie, VW Beetle (The Love Bug)
  3. 1961 Ferrari California Spyder (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)
  4. 1968 Ford Mustang Fightback (Steve McQueen, Bullitt)
  5. 1981 DeLorean (Back to the Future)


This week TIM has been listening to …

“Don’t Leave Me This Way” by The Communards.  An excellent 1980’s cover version of a 1970’s classic.  I love this version.


This week TIM has been watching …

“Salmon Fishing In The Yemen” starring Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt.  A quirky little film which came out ten years ago but caught my attention this week.  Easy going and very enjoyable and not what I was expecting.



Remember …

Always live within your income even if you have to borrow money to do so.



28 thoughts on “TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 110)

  1. Excellent work on the archer TIM, the unit is steadily growing. I don’t think painting the odd model that’s not for the project is a problem, it can be like a palette cleanser.
    Several cars I would have to add are the Ford Falcon from Mad Max (would love one of those), The Wraith from the film The Wraith, such a different shape. Nova kit car from Condorman (actually owned one of those) the shape was so far ahead of it’s time.

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    1. Thanks Dave. So far, and much to my surprise, I’m very happy painting the Baron’s War figures for now but the time will come for a small break I’m sure. The Mad Max Ford Falcon was on my original list before I cut it down but I must now go and check on the others because I’m not familiar with those two or the films. Reckon I might be in for a treat! 🙂

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  2. Nice work on those archers and well done for maintaining your focus. Nothing wrong with the odd detour into other models from time to time though, I find that on a big project like this it really helps to keep things fresh. What kills army projects, in my experience, isn’t the odd distraction, it’s when they start to feel like a chore.

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    1. Cheers mate. I think the chore element will kick in at some point if I’m not careful, in fact to some extent I’m surprised it hasn’t already but for now things continue to be fun. I think what is helping is the alternation between simple and more complex figures. I’m simply not getting bogged down with one type. There’s also a learning element to this project too which is also helping I think. 🙂

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  3. Great work on the Archers (the figures not the radio drama!), really enjoying these posts, so I hope you keep going at least!

    Five cars, as you said not easy, but….

    The mini’s from “The Italian job”, one of the best films ever made (the original not the awful re-make!!!!!)
    The Monster, Frankenstein’s car from “Deathrace 2000 again the original)
    The Firebird Trans-Am from “Smokey and the bandit” (or “Shaker Run” or “Hooper” or “Blue Thunder” (I just love Firebirds to be honest!)
    Lotus Espirit submarine car from “The spy who loved me)
    Ford Falcon Interceptor from Mad Max

    Cheers Roger.

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  4. The archers look great and I think you are to be commended for your focus on this project. I have struggled in the past sticking to painting minis for one game or type at a time for very long but then again, I really like variety in everything that I do so it might be a personal hang-up of mine. I agree with what others have said and I wouldn’t be afraid to take a break whenever you do need a change of pace from the Baron’s War sculpts. You’ll appreciate going back to something familiar once your break is finished or at least that is what I usually find.

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    1. Maintaining focus has surprised me too, like you variety is what typically keeps me going but for some reason I’m not struggling with this project …. yet! That time will come though but hopefully I’ll have a lot less to do when it does. 🙂

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  5. A lovely group of archers you have there Dave. I’m sure you could have a spell whereas I wouldn’t trust myself as I have found over the years if I leave some thing its so hard for me to get enthusiastic about the project again. In between painting a mob of horses I decided to organize the shed and sort out all the figures I have ( shorts spells as it bloody cold) in doing so I found all the figures I had painted for one that fizzled out, and guess what mate there was no new spark!

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  6. I think the army is coming along greatly, and I know when I am in the midst of a big project something happens to keep my focus. And maybe this is true for you too Dave – you end up with so much invested that you really want to see the current project through because it’s getting exciting! And as for cars, I’m a sucker for the original 60’s Batmobile, the Munsters Koach car, Knight Rider – all Chuck Barris creations https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Barris_(auto_customizer) – as well as the Monkees GTO https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkeemobile

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      1. My dad had a new ‘68 GTO (that he fell asleep in driving home and totaled into an oak tree with very low mileage). My brother once had a ‘69 convertible GTO Judge and now has a ‘70 GTO, and my best friend had a ‘65 GTO, so I’ve always had a fondness for the goats.

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