Hubert De Burgh

The good news for me this week is I’ve started work on my next mounted knight.  The Bad news is I digressed and decided to paint this guy instead!

What we have here is “Hubert de Burgh”, a real life knight whose heraldry is shown in the below downloaded Google image.  As you can see it represents a painting challenge and it is that which led me to setting aside my mounted knight.



The opening paragraph on Wikipedia for this knight reads:

Hubert de Burgh, 1st Earl of Kent (c. 1170 – before 5 May 1243) was an English nobleman who served as Chief Justiciar of England and Ireland during the reigns of King John and of his infant son and successor King Henry III and, as a consequence, was one of the most influential and powerful men in English politics”.

There is however much more written about this chap and if you would like to read more then follow the link below.  I was particularly interested to learn that he was once the custodian of Launceston castle in Cornwall which is only a few miles from me and is where my parents both live.,_1st_Earl_of_Kent

All in all an interesting guy and one which deserved the best I could offer in terms of a paint job.  I’m not going to pretend the diamond pattern was easy to do on a 28mm figure, it wasn’t.  I also used a little poetic license on the shield too.  It was simply far to small for me to even attempt to replicate the exact design. Maybe next time I’ll give it ago if I ever paint him again.

Images of “Hubert” below.





29 thoughts on “Hubert De Burgh

  1. Wow! now that is a piece of precise painting! What an interesting chap too, he must be so disappointed in his descendant “Chris”…..

    “Ancestor in red”
    “And white and a little blue”
    “He served with King John”
    “And was Chief Justiciar too”

    “But I’ll never know’o’whoo”
    “What its like to fight a bsaa’ttle’ oohhh”
    “But I’ll never forget”
    “That Dave’s painted this knight”.

    I’ll get me coat…cheers Roger.

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  2. Excellent, excellent work on that checkered diamond pattern. I’ve tried doing a similar thing on a Space Marine a while back and got nowhere LOL! He looks great and matches the real chap perfectly.

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  3. Goodness me that looks amazing. I’m so impressed with the neatness of your work on the coat and the shield. How did you decide that this should be Sir Hubert? Is that the name given by the manufacturer? You’ve certainly made him look like the google image.

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  4. Very nice work on this guy and a very steady hand too! Hubert really had some cool looking heraldry. If you’re not careful, mate, some of the Warhammer 40k fans are going to insist you paint some Harlequins next! 😀

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  5. Dave, I love the way you push yourself on these challenging paint jobs. The diamonds are so well painted, and the shield too – artistic license indeed – that’s one I’d have been afraid to tackle! Also, the history was fascinating – so much there to read about that I did not know. Though calling him a custodian reminded this American that a custodian here is a janitor!

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