TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 114)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


This weeks miniature is not one but two figures again.  As planned I manged to complete the two remaining figures which comprise Spearman Pack No: 1 of the Footsore Baron’s War range.  As well as images of the two figures I’ve also added a group shot of the four.  As facial expressions go l think the sculpt for the first little chap is spot on for the pose.

Still plenty more to paint and I’m growing conscious of the need for some sort of group shot of those I’ve painted to date.  I’ve still not got my head around how to do this.  Ideally I’d like to do some sort of base but right now I don’t want to take my eye off of painting so I might just have to go with a green table cloth if SWMBO has one I can use without moaning!




Well It Made Me Laugh



Give Me Five

This week I decided to focus on Super Hero films.  The problem with this genre is there are several films involving the same super hero and various remakes which take advantage of better special effects.  I decided to simply base my top 5 on those films I enjoyed the most.  Clearly I haven’t enjoyed much since 2010!  In no particular order:

  1. Superman (1978)
  2. Batman (1989)
  3. Kick-Ass (2010)
  4. The Dark Knight (2008)
  5. Spiderman (2002)


Model Club

Last Monday I attended my first model club meeting in over 18 months.  It was good to meet up with some familiar faces and enjoy some nerdy conversation for an hour and a half.  It will take a while for somethings to return to normal, particularly with regard to attending and participating in shows.  Although restrictions have been greatly relaxed in the UK it takes a good while for such events to be organised and arranged.  That said the calendar does now have a couple of events on it and fingers are crossed that this November will see the return of Telford in particular.


This week TIM has been listening to …

“Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard.  Thought I’d go for this remix version, something about it caught my eye. 😉


This week TIM has been watching …

“Vanilla Sky” starring Tom Cruise.  I like Tom Cruise (we could be twins) and thought I’d seen just about all of his films but this one l never managed to get around to watching for whatever reason.  Truth be told I wish I hadn’t bothered.  Great cast but far to confusing for this old brain of mine.  With hindsight I should have seen it 20 years ago, then I might have made a lot more sense of it.



Remember …

It’s only appropriate to say “My, aren’t you big?” to children, adults tend to get offended.



26 thoughts on “TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 114)

  1. Tim, as a big Def Leppard fan, from way back, I approve of this video.

    As for your figures, I would love to see them all arranged as a force…you must have an army by now, or at least two small forces of some Barons who hate each other and thus must sacrifice their vassals for glory…hehe.

    As usual, these look awesome, and if I could paint as well as you my wallet would be thicker…or if my SWMBO would stop buying handbags. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Haha, thanks Anthony. There’s no getting away from it, the women in our lives need to get their priorities right when it comes spending money! 😉 I’ve reached the point where I am intreagued myself to see how much I’ve actually painted and what they look like enmasse so I really must get on and do something about that.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I tried to tell SWMBO that I can spend the same on figures, that she spends on clothes, heels, bags, etc…that went down like a lead balloon.

        I look forward to seeing them.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. I’m not that brave…I will never understand the bag thing…but thats me. And a few years ago I went a little crazy buying pained Warhammer figures, and when I calculated what I spent I gave myself a yearly budget…that covered everything except books…cause a home requires a decent library.

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  2. The figures are lovely as always, love the joke, perhaps the girl on the right thinks he’s an airbed an is trying to inflate him?

    Big Def Leppard fan, but never seen that video! could only have been improved by taking that “joyrider” out of it! 😁

    Five Superhero films is difficult because I love so many, but five I really enjoyed were…

    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Avengers Assemble
    The Incredibles
    Batman (the Adam West one)

    I quite like Tom Cruise, but don’t like most of his films, especially the Mission Impossible one to be honest, they are just too over the top for me (which might sound strange from a Superhero movie fan, but there you go).

    Cheers Roger.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Haha – this week’s “Remember…” tickled me particularly. I’m 6’4 and you’d be surprised how often people say “Gosh, you’re tall!”. I don’t mind it particularly, I’m used to it, but as far as I can tell it’s the only aspect of an adult’s appearance that it’s seen as acceptable for a stranger to comment on as a conversational opening. Saying “Wow, you’re really short/fat/ugly” never goes down well!

    I couldn’t get my head around Vanilla Sky either, definitely not Tom’s best film. Glad to hear the club got back together, fingers crossed for Telford and nice work on the spearmen. 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  4. These look great as usual. I can’t wait for the group shot and don’t sweat the background choice. I’m sure it will look great. I think the black background suits these figures.

    I haven’t seen that movie before, but I do like Tom Cruise as an actor for the most part, especially in Mission Impossible though I think he is very prone to over-acting and being too enthusiastic in nearly everything he does. I know his personal life/spiritual beliefs are repulsive to many people and I can understand if that turns people off from him as an actor too.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Excellent work on the spearmen TIM , if you work out group shots I would ask you share the information with the rest of us mortals ! LOL
    Def Leppard is some good rock music to listen to, can’t say I’d ever seen that video before !
    Couldn’t pick 5 superhero movies as I like too many, as for Vanilla Sky, it probably wouldn’t have made any more sense if you watched it 20 years ago, as it just made no sense at all !
    By the way there is an Edge of Tomorrow sequel being made.

    Liked by 4 people

  6. The infantry spearmen are really nice. As for a group pose, your castle would serve well as a staging area/backdrop. Appreciate the laugh much as well! As for superhero movies, I need to eventually catch up on so many movies (especially Marvel) that it’s overwhelming and I just don’t do it (yet). And Def Leppard was a staple back in the early 80’s!

    Liked by 3 people

  7. Absolutely love the girl on the right , she has to be the twin sister of the other lass and has drawn the long straw!!
    I have to love Wuddas comment about people calling out his height, funnily enough people do the same to me ,being at the other end of the scale 5′ and shrinking, I did ask my best mate who happens to have a brown completion if it happens to him!! Sorry he just laughed !
    great figures again Dave and hopefully you are able to get back to your clubs and comps soon!

    Liked by 2 people

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