Sir William Ingle

Another day another Knight!  My penultimate Footsore Baron’s War knight in the set of figures with two handed weapons.  They will bring out more in due course I’m sure but for now I’m nearly there with this part of the range.

This is another figure with made up heraldry, well as far as I know it is and with it a made up name taken from my family tree.  Whilst the paint work might look fiddly, and to some extent it is given the 28mm scale of the figure, the reality is I’ve gotten reasonably used to painting what amounts to little more than straight lines.  As for the colour scheme I thought I’d have another go with a blue and yellow combo as I really think they go well together.

Images of Sir William below.


DSC_0022 (1)DSC_0023 (1)DSC_0024 (1)DSC_0025 (1)

25 thoughts on “Sir William Ingle

  1. The colors and the scheme look great. Its impressive how you keep things fresh with each knight. I can’t say I’ve seen any knock off designs yet. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do to mix things up as well!

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