Scale Model World – IPMS Telford – Friday

It’s 10 pm and I’ve just retrurned to my hotel room having had a very large meal and several pints.  I am bloated, tired and slightly the worse for ware.  It has been a long day which for me started at 06:00 when I had stuff to get ready, have breakfast and take the dog out before I began the four hour drive to Telford.  Fortunaley I had got everything I wanted to take with me all together the day before so it was just a case of loading the car.

The journey was uneventful but the traffic was heavy and passing Birmingham was a pain in the arse and on several occasions things came to a complete stand still.  All to often this is what I experience I find when driving in the UK.  A four hour journey turned into five and a half but all was well and that was the main thing.

My first priority was to park the car and check in to my hotel.  This went fine except for the fact that I left my phone in the room and therefore have no photos from today!  Bag unloaded and a quick coffee later and then it was time to unload the car and get my stuff ino the venue and the area set aside for Plymouth Model Club.  Shortly after I arrived the other club members turned up and in no time at all we were set up.  With only three of us displaying it took no time at all and befoe we knew it we were on our way to the pub.

What is obvious is this years event is smaller than previous years.  That’s not to say it is small by any means.  The show normally takes up three huge halls with a further location for the competition entries.  This year everything is in two halls.  I suspect there are fewer traders and less overseas visitors, the legacy of Covid but at least the event is on and a lot of people are gratefull for that.  Tomorrow will confirm the situation as when I left this evening there was still a huge amount of setting up going on.  it will also be interesting to see just how many people attend.  it has been a long time since there has been a model show to attend so fingers crossed for the organisors.

With no photo’s there is little more to add.  Tomorrow I will be sure to get some pictures taken!


15 thoughts on “Scale Model World – IPMS Telford – Friday

  1. Ah reminds me of the old days going to shows in the nineties, all morning you’d be walking round the show hall, and hearing people saying “Is the bar open yet, when’s the bar open?”, then the exodus as soon as someone said it was!

    Have fun mate, cheers Roger,

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  2. I think everyone beat me to the funny comments so I’ll just say that I’m glad you made it safely and are enjoying it so far. Do take some photos (drunken escapades or not!) to share with the rest of us! 🙂

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