Grizzly Attack (Part 2)

This is going to be a short post for one notable reason, I simply didn’t take any work in progress pictures!

Now as you would have anticipated from the title perhaps, this model also features a Grizzly Bear.  The bear weighs a ton and proved difficult to hold at times  One way of overcoming the issues would have been to have fixed the bear in situ for some of the painting.  The problem with that was I had already fixed the horse in place and with the figure still to do I would have made life harder for myself further down the line.  In the end I went for hand holding over a few days.

Once again the painting was oils over acrylic.  Burnt Umber was the main colour  with Yellow Ocher and lighter shades of brown for dry brushing highlights.  In the final image I put the bear up against the horse, a temporary move to judge exactly where it needed to be positioned in due course.  In this image you can also see that the hind legs of the horse stick up and that work on the base needs to be done.  Haven’t fully decided what to do here yet.

Some touching up on the bear will probably be necessary but like the horse it’s almost there.

Time now to move on to the figure.



26 thoughts on “Grizzly Attack (Part 2)

  1. Yogi looks pretty hungry there! He is also one large bear. You can really see the larger scale at work. Most importantly, the bear looks great and I’m excited to see more of this scene. It looks like it will be very dynamic!

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  2. Wow, that’s a big old bear! I somehow managed to miss part 1 so I’m working backwards. I wasn’t prepared for the final shot of the bear and the horse together, it’s awesome. I take it there’s going to be a cowboy as well (but will he still be in the saddle or cleverly posed in mid-air?). Either way I reckon he’s in trouble! I’m off to read part 1 now! 🙂

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