Dio-Bolical Monday No: 23 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 1”

Now I did warn you in last weeks Musings that some of the posts in this new series would be dull and now I am being true to my word!

In reality this first post is more an introduction aimed at setting the scene as well as getting started.  The thing with dioramas is they can take a long time and require a great deal of thought too.  This build is no exception and I can predict that a number of things will go wrong along the way, they always do.

Let’s begin with the title.  Death and Taxes relates to the Footsore Baron’s War figure range, their third kickstarter to be precise and relates to the period in question.  The Earls visit is essentially the story of the diorama.  The main feature of this diorama are the three Tabletop World buildings but for a story I need to add figures.  I may of course change my mind and the title, a working one, could change at any point during the build but for now I am happy with it.

The three buildings you have seen before, they are a Mill, a Blacksmith’s and a Stable.  There was a fourth building, a cottage, but it didn’t fit on the base and in any event I thought it was out of character with the other three.  The basic premise is that the Earl is passing through the village along with half a dozen or so knights on horseback and the villagers stand to watch them pass by.  Pretty dull really but an opportunity to hopefully paint some colourful looking figures and make the buildings look pretty cool.  There is also an IMPS Scale Model World class for Civilian Dioramas and hopefully this one will fit the bill if I like the end result and get it finished in time (yes it could take that long to do!)

In the picture below you can see the case base on which the diorama is going to be built.  The first thing I needed to do was build it up to take the river section which goes with the Mill.  As luck would have it I had some suitable MDF in the garage and just needed to saw it as applicable and glue it down with some PVA.  In due course I will fill the seem which runs around the joins where the MDF meets the base but that can wait until I start working on the base proper.


In the second image you can see that I have a rough idea of the order of the three buildings.  The position for the Mill chose itself on account of the bridge, it had to lead somewhere so putting it on the left made sense.  The Blacksmith’s which is positioned in the middle will probably be elevated higher than shown and it is between this building and the Stable that the mounted figures will be seen to ride through.  The green wire which can also be seen in the picture will be used to make a tree at some point.


The diorama will for the most part be built from left to right, I think this is the best way to ensure I don’t box myself in.  Accordingly work will start on the lowest of the four levels which make up the Mill first, only then can I start to properly fix it to the base and develop that part of the diorama.  The height of this building is significant and is only just short of the height of the perspex top which goes over the base so I will have to consider that with what I do.

Over the next week I will start painting but I also need to do a lot of lists and research.  Somewhere out there are the figures I need which I will have to track down and order but I need a list of what to look for first but there is plenty of time for that.


25 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 23 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 1”

  1. Sounds really good! 🙂 Having read all or you posts as you’ve been working on your dioramas, and picked up a few hints, you’ll be glad to know that I could have managed this stage in the construction almost as well as you! 😉 I don’t expect to ever be in a position to be able to say that again!

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  2. I’m very excited to watch this develop mate. I think your idea is far from dull. I can imagine the villagers sort of half going about their business and half watching the knights and Earls pass by. I think you could have a bit of fun with the villagers in that sense.

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  3. Nothing boring in this post, mate. This project is very intriguing and ambitious. I like the idea of focusing on civilians for more of a slice of life diorama. That will really stand out as the most common ones I see are soldiers around a tank or vehicle. Can’t wait to see more!

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