Dio-Bolical Monday No: 27 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 5”

Unsurprisingly what time I had this week was spent painting the third tier of the water mill.  Only one element required any thought as the rest of the colour scheme had already been determined by tiers one and two.

I completed the inside first as it’s easier to hold and isn’t detrimental to any external painting.  The outside differed only in so much as the walls are rendered with some exposed stone work.  I decided on a colour scheme of Artiste Sand for the render with a Winsor and Newton Burnt Sienna oil wash applied over the top once dried.  When the wash was dry I applied a little dry brushing of Artiste Sand and Winsor and Newton Titanium White oil paint.

The images below show the inside and outside.  I’ve also included an image of the three tiers assembled on top of each other and a couple with the roof on which has still to be painted.  I’ll probably start on that next



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