Dio-Bolical Monday No: 28 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 6”

This week saw the completion of the roof but not of the entire water mill itself.  There are some internal bits to be prepped and painted plus the actual water wheel itself.  All being well these will receive my attention next.

As to the roof itself this turned out to be more straight forward than I anticipated.  It is the size of these pieces that take a while along with drying time after oil washes have been applied.

There isn’t a great deal to say about what I have done this week as much, if not all, of it is just a continuation of the work I had done on the previous tiers of the building.  The basic roof colour, inside and outside, was Artiste Burnt Umber and once dried everything was given a Winsor and Newton Lamp Black oil wash. Thereafter it was all about various shades of dry brushing. Mostly lighter browns, a little sand and some white used sparingly.  The windows were painted in the same way as previously posted.

As far as the Mill building goes l would say it is about 90% done.  As mentioned above there are some internal workings to be done along with the wheel.  These will be done before I then start on more base work and begin the river section.  Further down the line a couple of figures will appear as well as bits and bobs like boxes, bags and sacks.

What I did manage to add was a canopy which sits over the front door of tier two of the building.  This was a seperate piece which needed to be glued into position but the painting of it was very much along the lines of the roof.

For now just a few images of the roof and the building as it currently looks overall.



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