Dio-Bolical Monday No: 29 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 7″

In last weeks post I mentioned that there were some internal workings which needed to be painted along with the actual water mill wheel itself.  Basically the pile of included parts looked like this.


The tier two front door canopy and the chimney which you can both see in the top centre of the image have already been painted and assembled on to the main building.  All the pieces which make the wheel are on the right and in the foreground are the bits and pieces which make up the internal workings of the mill wheel as it turns.  Also included is a bag of bits (top left) comprising of boxes and sacks and to the right a small rowing boat and a pillar section which supports the wheel externally.

I wasn’t interested in painting things like boxes and sacks just yet but I did want to get the wheel assembled and painted along with the internal mechanism.  If they weren’t a perfect fit then these pieces would give me a problem further down the line so now was the time get them put together, painted and put into place. 

The first piece to be painted and installed was the internal wheel which can be seen in the image below and is located on tier 1, the ground level of the building.  This internal wheel is driven by the external water wheel which is turned by running water in real life, although not in this case because it is not a working model!      


On the next level up, tier 2, the actual Mill Stone is turned by the internal wheel below and a series of cogs.  The cogs are supported by a large wooden beam and a box with a chute feeds the grain to the Mill Stone for grinding.  Hopefully you can see all this in the image below.


Next up was the assembly and painting of the main external wheel.  


The external wheel is complete but I will not be attaching it until later.  To do so now will hinder my access to the river section which I intend to start on this coming week.  If all goes well I’ll begin some base work too.

As I have said before, the detail on these buildings, both inside and out, is incredible.  Sadly, despite the effort I’m putting in I suspect that the internal work will go largely unnoticed but the thought of not painting the inside just doesn’t sit well with me.  The thing with dioramas is it is hard to know what is and what isn’t visible until it is complete.  By then of course it can be to late so things have to be done now even if further down the line it is proven unnecessary. 


23 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 29 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 7″

  1. All the details TIM just add to the joy of this piece, all look to your usual exceptional standard.
    I understand fully about painting all the bits, even if you may not see them later, as I had the same problem on a cockpit recently, and at least we know it’s all painted, no matter what anyone says ! LOL

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    1. Thank you. Not sure if you caught some of the early parts of this project but I detailed the method and paints I used back then but have since left that detail out because it becomes repetitive. So far everything has been done with acrylic paints, cheaper ones due to the amount of coverage, followed by oil paint washes and then dry brushing. If you ever want more detail just give me a shout. As for finishing it I have along way to go yet so hopefully it won’t become to boring. 🙂

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  2. Magnificent again, if anyone fails to look inside and see all that then that’s definitely their loss. Now you just need to find suitable models for the miller – and maybe a couple of rats! 

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    1. Cheers mate. The miller has been taken care of but I still have a lot of things to track down and buy, rats being one of them. Can’t remember if I said as much in one of the earlier posts but my starting point for any diorama is making a list of everything it could feature. Doesn’t mean everything does, that depends sometimes on whether I can make it or buy it. The list for this project was bloody big and I’ve still got loads to track down or make. The hidden pleasure of a project like this one and it can take so much time too.

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  3. Great progress again this week and I’m right there with you. It takes extra work but you have to paint the inside details just to be safe! You never know who will be taking a peek inside after all 🙂

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  4. coming along nicely Dave, I’m a great believer in doing the interior of a building if possible, when I did my medieval village I made some of the houses and particularly the hotel with removable roofs. In some of the houses I just did domestic scenes and in the pub a far more risque scene as one would imagine would have taken place back then, what I’m saying is that we as adults are tall and tend to look down whereas a child sees things from a completely different height so I put little funny going on’s so they can see then and there parents cant’t , kids love a secret!!!

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