Sir Tobias Denning (28mm Baron’s War)

Continuing to plough through my Baron’s War figures I had a pleasant surprise in that I had a knight to paint which I had overlooked.  Although these figures take longer to do, which then meant less time spent on my diorama project, it was much more fun to paint.  I’ve got out of the rhythm of painting knights so I had to stop and remind myself, especially when it came to doing the freehand star on the shield.

In search of a name I once again delved into my family tree and came up with the name of Sir Tobias Denning.



26 thoughts on “Sir Tobias Denning (28mm Baron’s War)

  1. Excellent looking Knight TIM, and that must have been a nice surprise finding one you had missed, without all the extra work of a horse with the mounted ones.

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  2. The shield freehand is very nice Dave. As others have said, the mustard/Iraqui Sand tabard looks the role. Sounds like you had more fun painting this one as well – a needed boost for you it sounds like too. Cheers!

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  3. Toby looks great, mate! I certainly wouldn’t want to poked with that sharp object he’s carrying either. I’m glad you enjoyed painting him and it seems like he was a nice find! 🙂

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