TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 137)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


This weeks miniature is, disappointingly, only one of the three remaining Footsore Baron’s War figures I have left to do.  I’d hoped to have them all done but it wasn’t to be.  Life as always got in the way.  It happens.  The good news is I hope to have the final two done for Saturday.  Then I can aim to get a group shot or two done before then taking some time out to concentrate fully on my diorama.  What we have here is my final crossbowman.



Well It Made Me Laugh



Time For A  Break

As mentioned above I should finish my last two foot figures for my Baron’s War army project in time to post this Saturday.  Any duplicate figures and the remaining mounted knights (and any new stuff I might buy!) will get done throughout the year but as and when the mood takes me.  My time now will be spent exclusively on my diorama project which has quite literally taken over both in terms of space and hobby enjoyment.

Dealing with only one project, albeit a big one by my standards, will allow me to get a better hobby/life balance as right now I have to many other things jockeying for my time.  Doing this has, as I have mentioned before in a previous post, a knock on effect to blogging and as a consequence this will be my last Minatures & Musings post.  I see this as a temporary situation and not a permanent one.

To those of you who will miss these posts all I can say is sorry.  To those of you who are disappointed they will be returning all I can say is sorry!


Give Me Five

As this is the last Miniatures and Musings post for a while I thought I would give you five Well It Made Me Laugh’s to keep you going.  In no particular order:




This week TIM has been listening to …

“Paradise By The Dashboard Light” by Meat Loaf.  I’m not the greatest Meat Loaf fan but I did enjoy much of his music and theatrics and with his recent passing it seemed an appropriate musical choice  for this week.  This is one of my favourite tracks.


This week TIM has been watching …

“Clarkson’s Farm” with Jeremy Clarkson.  Clarkson is one of those people who is often likened to Marmite, you either like him or hate him.  I love him and think he is a great narrator and I found this to be a great series to watch.



Remember …

Always give a 100% unless you’re giving blood.



30 thoughts on “TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 137)

  1. A nice figure mate. I am sad that it’s the end of musings, for a while at least, but you need to do what is right for you and your life balance. Just don’t ever disappear entirely on us or I’ll be forced to make a trip over there and make you blog at gun point.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Great work on the crossbowmen TIM, you need to do what is right for you , and that diorama won’t build or paint itself ! LOL
    One of my favourite Meatloaf songs, was it the full 3 part version ?

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Shall be sorry to see the end of these posts, they are always one of my highlights of the week.

    Oh and I’m in the hate Clarkson camp (I’d put him a car with Piers Morgan, Richard Madeley, and Boris Johnson them flood it with flesh eating bacteria!, and it would still be too good for them!!!!!) 😁

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Haha, don’t hold back Roger, tell me what you really think! 😉 Musings will be back mate, just have to take a break for a while and concentrate on one thing at a time model wise. Far to many domestic issues to sort and organise as well and then normal service will be resumed. 🤞

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  4. This is a momentous post, indeed! I’m sorry to see this weekly feature taking a break but you have great reasons for doing so. Now get those last Baron’s War minis done so you can celebrate a project milestone! 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  5. I’m glad you are achieving what you want with your blog. I’m sure we will still get plenty of great stuff from you. The jokes made me laugh hard – then I got sad again about old Meat. Every senior weekend at USMA that I got to leave for a 200 mile ride home (and weekends were often noon Saturday to 7 PM Sunday!), I put Bat out of Hell into my cassette player and hit the accelerator. Definitely one of the seminal albums of my youth, and sometimes even older age. And Keith Richards outlives yet another rocker…& oh yeah, the crossbowman is aces.

    Liked by 4 people

  6. Well, I’m going to miss these posts, but I completely understand why other things have to take precedence over giving me a chuckle every Wednesday. That poor squirrel though, brings a tear to the eye just looking at it! Now name-dropping is very rude (as I was telling the Queen just the other day) but I have met Clarkson briefly and from what I could tell he’s the same when the cameras are rolling as when they aren’t – that is to say a bit of a pompous arse. I’m not sure I could put myself in the “hater” camp though, I wouldn’t invite him round my house or even make an effort to watch his shows but he’s managed to make a good career out of just being himself and speaking his mind and I’ve got to respect that, fair play to him I say. 🙂

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    1. The posts will return just as soon as my dad stops going, in and out hospital. He came out last week and has just gone in again today! Such is life. The good news is I’ll save up jokes for when I hit the ground again. As for Clarkson there’s no denying he’s done well for himself.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Sorry to hear about your dad, I sympathise entirely. My parents were involved in a bad road accident four years ago and my dad has been in and out of hospital ever since so I know just where you’re at. Take care of yourself mate, and my fingers are firmly crossed for your old man. In the meantime I shall try to face Wednesdays without your posts with my usual combination of bravery and stoicism (although I’m sure you know that’s not going to be easy!).

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Cheers old chum. Such circumstances are a pain in the arse aren’t they but they can’t be helped. All part of life’s rich tapestry and we soldier on. Things will settle in due course as they inevitably must and then I can get back to my regular postings but for now something has to give. The good news today was being able to at least work out that I was on my arse and not my elbow! 😉

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  7. Probably good to have a break mate, if you do decide to come back with this one I’m sure you will be revitalized ! Meat loaf ! well you can say I’m one of his big big fans !! so much so that I have turned into a hater of my fellow Australians after they slagged over a stuff up at one of there petty foot ball games! what the fuck ! wipe a guy of that’s had so many great hits!! I never did have much of an opinion of many of my fellow Australians! just inbred’s. I’ve been wanting to get that of my chest for some time, thanks mate!!!

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