Baron’s War – Project End … Almost!

As I’d hoped I managed to get the last two figures of my Footsore Baron’s War army completed in time for this Satruday’s post.  For now the project is complete.  Yes, I have some foot figures to do but these are all duplicates.  Yes, I have a dozen or so mounted knights to do and these will get done albeit later in the year.

So, with regards to this project what next and what did I think of doing it?

What next is easy, take some group photo’s and get them posted.  When that’s done and when my diorama is completed return to painting the mounted knights and any duplicate figures.  I’ll probably take a good look at what new figures have been issued too.

As far as the project itself goes I’d have to say that overall I enjoyed it.  The quality of the figures are excellent so no complaints there.  The peasants and surfs are nice figures but in truth I found these pretty dull to paint.  With hindsight I ought to have done more of these bit by bit rather than leaving them mainly to the end.

The foot knights on the other hand were great and I enjoyed painting everyone and trying to stretch myself further with my freehand.  The mounted knights were even better but I totally underestimated how long each one would take.  Of course I could have painted them quicker but I really wanted each one to be the best I could do them and still do which is why I will return to them in time.

At no point in this project have I ever had all the figures out together so I’m looking forward to doing that and seeing just what the massed ranks look like.  Hopefully I’ll get to see that either next week or the week after.  In any event the group shots will I suspect be my last Saturday post for a while.



26 thoughts on “Baron’s War – Project End … Almost!

  1. Great work TIM, a great milestone to reach and the quality throughout has been exceptional.
    You hear that a lot that a project is complete, then they find something else to drag you back in ! LOL

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  2. Here they go, even with a fanfare.
    You’re probably asking yourself now: “Where can I get more similar miniatures to my passion project?”

    Well I got you covered Dave! Here they are: Normans!

    I couldn’t resist. 😀

    I really enjoyed them though. It was really nice seeing how they came together and I’m looking forward to the group photos and your eventual wargaming adventures.

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    1. Thank you, hopefully I’ll have a group photo or two done next week. Footsore do excellent figures and I do like the Normans. Not sure I’m up for another army just yet but I do fancy painting and basing some individual figures once my diorama is complete.


  3. Really nice work finishing this project and the last two look fantastic. I echo what others have said about it being appropriate that the Bugler was one of the last ones. I’m very excited for the group shot. Its a well-deserved victory lap in my opinion!

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  4. Great work on these two, and especially well done on knuckling down and finishing this project – you definitely deserve a break from them. That said, I for one am looking forward to when you inevitably crack and pick up some more – an army is never finished after all… 🙂

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