Dio-Bolical Monday No: 38 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 16”

This week was all about getting back into the hobby.  In fairness my motivation was relatively high, time to move on and all that was my rallying cry, unfortunately the amount of affordable time wasn’t great.  As I concluded last week, the aim such as I had one, was to get started on a figure.  From the 18 figures I’ve bought so far I decided to start with the Blacksmith.  The figure is from Otherworld Miniatures, their “Non-Playing Character’s” series.   Not much to say about the little chap so straight to some images …


… and here he is outside his abode.


As well as getting the first figure done I managed to get a little more ground work completed.  Not  much, just another bit of hedgerow and part of the ground work around the tree.  Just some basic filler with some texture added and a few tree roots.  I’ll complete the front once I’ve decided on some figure placements.


The only other thing I managed to do this week was paint some Irish Wolfhounds.  They might need a little more work on them and I haven’t decided if I will use them yet.


Next week looks like it will be tough on free time too.  Its that time of the year when winter has turned to spring and all of a sudden there are plenty of jobs to do outside.  To make matters worse the weather is looking promising so I’ll be hard pressed to make excuses to SWMBO for why I should be indoors.  Hopefully I’ll get another figure done once I settle on which one to do.  On a final note I just got a message from WordPress to say it was my 5 year blog anniversary.  Who’d have thought it?


22 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 38 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 16”

  1. Happy blog anniversary TIM, the blacksmith looks great and fits in well with his surroundings, and nice progress on the terrain. I think the wolfhounds would look good running around the knights, as they parade through the streets, but probably only a few of them.

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  2. Congrats on your anniversary! Five years is nothing to sneeze at! Its also great to see you back to hobbying after a difficult period. I think the blacksmith came out nicely and he slots in neatly with the scene too. I hope you can avoid those pesky outside chores and make some more good progress over the next week! 🙂

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    1. Sitting down to paint for a few hours at a time would be great and hopefully that’s something I’ll be able to do again soon as things slowly settle down into a new routine. Some way to go yet though before that happens. Hopefully I can continue to keep my head above water. Not sure where those 5 years went either!

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  3. Five years huh? So by my calculations I discovered your blog, roughly four years ago, and since I discovered you and promoted your blog it has gone strength to strength. That’s a whole load of royalties you still owe me my friend haha. Tidy work all round mate and the blacksmith looks like a proper tough old git.

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  4. Excellent progress! I really like the blacksmith, I had not heard of Otherworld Minis, and there are plenty I can use for various projects. Especially the blacksmith. That is a fantastic model. the wolf hounds are pretty nice, too, TIM.

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  5. Nice little fellow Dave, congrats on the five years though it seems like we have be communicating for far longer but I’ll put that one down to old age !!Its funny that your going to lose modeling time due to summer and I’m gaining it as all the garden produce has been picked, pickled,dried and preserved in all manners. When we arrived I cunningly designated the responsibility of the orchard to one very keen wife! So while the not so keen one is out in the cold dealing with all those apples and pears some one else is starting to settle into a cosy modelling room, thus I will be a little more punctual in my replies to all of you folk. Of course i did tell her it wasn’t worth doing winter vegetables because of the frosts.

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