Dio-Bolical Monday No: 40 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 18”

This was another slow week but progress is progress right?

At some point I’m going to have to sit down and see just where my time goes.  They say you slow down as you grow older but from a modelling and blogging perspective if I go much slower I’ll stop!

Having said that it looks like that decision might be taken out of my hands before to long anyway if WordPress have there way.  I’m no IT guy and don’t profess to understand all the ins and outs of the latest storage/viewing issues which has been doing the rounds but it certainly doesn’t sound like good news ro me.   I don’t get anything like 10,000 views a month, a thousand if I’m lucky, but my storage is at 95% and that would be a problem.  I don’t know how simple it would be but deleting the images from old posts would be one way forward perhaps.  Ironically, if the blog was to stop I’d find more time for my modelling!

I suspect I am not alone in that my ratio of followers to those who I actually exchange comments with is very low.  As I already have a TIM email account I’m wondering if the way forward is through email news letters?   Food for thought maybe but time to get back on track.

So what did happen this week on the diorama?

Well first up I took delivery of the order I placed for the chickens, rabbits, etc. that I placed last week.  Further more they have all been prepped and primed and waiting to be painted.  I thought I’d spare you a progress image.  Quite what I will do with them remains to be seen but in theory they will add a little more interest and detail.

What I did manage to get started and completed was another figure.  On this occasion the figure is a Merchant and was again purchased from Otherworld Miniatures.  As a Merchant I had him down as the Mill owner.  Here he is below.


Having painted him the question then was where to place him?  With the overall image I have in mind for this diorama I settled on him being on the bridge.  From here I figured he could survey all that is (or will be eventually) going on.  So next we have a couple of photo’s of him in situ.


As I said at the beginning of this post, progress is progress.  I’ve given up planning what I’ll do next because nothing I’ve tried to do just lately has gone according to plan.  Barely do I start before I get derailed.  What I get done next will be as much as a surprise to me as it will be to you.


35 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 40 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 18”

  1. Nice work.
    To be honest I don’t know if I will be affected by the changes or not, but it seems like legacy tech is struggling to stop people drifting to social media and the changes they make in response seem to accelerate the trend rather than arrest it.
    Blogging is a big time sink I find, any post seems to take much longer to get published than I envisage, but it is good to have a well organised record of one’s work, which is simply not possible to achieve in FaceBook or Instagram or similar. Forums seem to be dying, but also they never really provided the ability to create an archive of your work easily either. I started the blog first bu gravitated to Instagram and Twitter but I find them to time-sinks and I am considering deleting them, or at least Instagram anyway, and focussing on the blog more. There is like “Likes” on the blog and less comments too, but at the end of day the primary reason for my blog is as a personal record so I am fine with that, and if it takes up less time than scrolling Instagram that’s actually a good result.

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    1. I never really got into Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, more an age thing I think but I do like my blog and originally saw it as nothing more than an audit trail of my work. Since starting it’s grown in ways I hadn’t anticipated so would like to keep it going for as long as I can. Sadly, as with life in general, sometimes things have to move on for better or worse so time will tell how this one pans out I guess.

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    2. I’ve been away for a bit but I think I’ve missed something in regards to WP? I do know this though, the blog is the most important online thing for me. 1. To document what I do and progress etc but also to view/liaise with other like minded people. Instagram doesn’t really offer much in the way of interaction but on here I feel like we’ve created a nice little community. I hope that doesn’t change.

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  2. The WordPress nightmare continues, it seems it’s hitting everyone who uses that platform TIM, I do hope you find a way to continue, as it would be a shame to lose this platform to show your work.
    Another great looking model, and the positioning looks great.

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      1. I guess, like most things, WP is in it for the money. Hmmm I am wondering if we (as in the regular crowd, and others are welcome to of course), could start our own “thing”? I certainly don’t have the smarts to figure out the how tos etc but sure we can do something if WP gets too hard for us.

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  3. Well, the first thing for me to say here is that that merchant has come out very nicely indeed! 🙂 Might only be a small thing to get finished but looks really good! As far as WordPress is concerned I’m not going to need 50GB of storage space and I can’t justify £15 per month for it! I like the feedback from the blog and sharing ideas so might just keep going with a rolling two year period or something and fewer photos to keep the space below 500MB. I can sum up my view on social media by saying “Social media! What’s that?”!

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    1. It’s progress John is how I see it with everything I have going on at the moment. Glad you like the little chap though. Individually I’m sure we will all find away that works for us, we are after all resourceful people. 🙂 I’m thinking of going down the telegram route. 😉

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  4. Nice work on him- quite a dapper chap but then I guess if you are that rich in medeival times it is easier to look good.

    I just vastly reduce the size of the pics I post by about 70 % to save space. I havenm’t deleted any let but I’ll keep an eye out on what happens.



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      1. It is but I’m not sure I have a lot of choice at the moment and some of my older posts, such as all the photos I put up of Telford, don’t really have much to do with my work really. I cleared those out, only took a couple of minutes, and got my storage down from 96% to 80% so all good for now at least.

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  5. Great looking addition to the diorama. My own blog shouldn’t be impacted by the WordPress changes, but it looks like a lot of my favorite blogs to follow will be. I already bounce around among a number of platforms to follow different accounts, and it looks like we’ll be witnessing some migration. A headache all around.

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  6. Lovely looking figure mate, really fits into the scene . WordPress can be a bu**er sometimes I think they try to make things as hard as possible for people just cos they can! The email thing could work but your blog would be missed.

    Cheers Roger .

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  7. I’m in the same boat as you with WordPress. I want to keep going with my website but the price is too high to justify paying it. I don’t get too many more views than you either for what it is worth. I just hope our community can stick together but our corporate overlords are making it difficult at the moment. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself on the slow painting progress as everything you’re making is still looking great. I look forward to seeing more for as long as long as possible! 🙂

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    1. The WordPress thing is a pain but I think I’m OK for a while yet unless they come up with something else on top of this. As for the diorama, I’m making the most of the little time I get these days but I’m determined not to rush it or get side tracked. Hopefully I can maintain that until it’s done.

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      1. I think I am in a similar position with WordPress. If nothing else, you and I should have time to figure out what comes next and how to keep this going, if we want to, and that’s encouraging 🙂

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  8. Another cracking addition to what’s turning into an excellent scene. The way he’s got his hand up looks as if he could either be scratching his chin as he surveys some new money making opportunity or covering his mouth in horror/amusement at the drama that’s unfolding – depending on what happens with the rest of the models you add. 

    Aye, the WordPress drama is a right nuisance isn’t it? If I trust what they’re saying now I shouldn’t be affected in the immediate term but how long before that changes I wonder? Whatever happens I’d like to keep in touch so whenever our corporate overlords decide to force us away from blogging sign me up for the email newsletter/carrier pigeon service/smoke signals/etc. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. The little chap is definitely going through a thought process and should work well into the finished scene. 🤞 WordPress on the other hand don’t seem to have done the same, well not for the little guys at any rate. I can definitely delete some stuff with minimal impact but at some point the problem will rear its head again and when it does I’m sure an alternative solution will be found. 🙂

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  9. Great little fellow Dave, you may be going at a slower pace mate but if I go any slower I’ll stall!!! As for WP I’m not going to worry about something I don’t understand I’ll leave that up to my Tech adviser!! Just call me the Ostrich. I wonder who ever thought that an ostrich would bury its head in the sand, in that position it would be very vulnerable eh! I wouldn’t worry if I was you mate , WP could afford to lose a customer of your calibre mate!!

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      1. I am fortunate, I wouldn’t be able to do this blogging without her , I do take my hat of to you for managing like you do. Oh ! Welcome to the old Grumps club, my wife says I have been a member for some years 😳😅😅

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