Dio-Bolical Monday No: 43 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 21”

After a short break I returned this week to working on my diorama.

A quick assessment of what needed to be done revealed the obvious, I needed to paint some figures.   There are a fair few to do, not least of all the dozen mounted knights so I thought I ought to make a start on them.

Of the twelve mounted figures their respective horses can be split between eight plain ones and four with Caparisons, which I believe is the name given to the fancy dress cloth thingies that were worn on the mounts of knights back in the day.  The four would clearly take longer to do but hopefully they would also prove to be the more enjoyable to paint.  I therefore decided to start with one of those.

Below are images of the first mounted knight, a figure from Italian company Mirliton.  He’s not based on anyone in particular, I just chose a colour scheme and heraldry that I liked.   I shall probably do the same with all the others.  The photo’s aren’t great, partly because I was to lazy to set up my light box.

As you can see the actual base hasn’t been done yet, that’s intentional.  Until all the mounted figures have been done, and possibly the other figures too, I won’t be able to determine their positioning on the main board.  Once that has been done I will work on the ground work with the aim of ensuring it is consistent from figure to figure so it all blends in.  I will also look then at the need for any weathering.  Well that’s the plan anyway.


The figures themselves are OK but I prefer the Baron’s War range available from Footsore.  Unfortunately they do very few mounted figures which aren’t in combat poses which aren’t suitable for this diorama.  Nevertheless I quite enjoyed doing a knight again which is just as well as I have more to do.  My plan for next week, unless I get derailed is to get another one done.


28 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 43 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 21”

  1. Thus is very impressive sir, the yellow is done perfectly. The free hand as ever is great, the little lad said the one on the shield is amazing!
    I do like the pose, I had wondered if you found Knights that would look at ease so to speak, and you clearly have.

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  2. I’m always impressed with your painting skills but the heraldry on this knight is beyond amazing. If I could do such clean lines he would be the centrepiece of any army I played but for you he’s just another character in the diorama. Great painting.

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  3. Maybe I just missed it, but who made this particular mini? I love the paint job and I think he has a nice level of grubbiness to him. As Wudu said above, I’m glad to see you back to painting some knights. Its been too long! 🙂

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  4. That’s awesome! Love the colors and the freehand. This is going to be an amazing diorama. How are you affixing the mini to the cap? Double stick tape? Super glue?

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