Dio-Bolical Monday No: 51 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 29”

As tempted as I was to do more work on the Barn I decided to knuckle down and get another mounted knight done.  I was in the right mood for something a little more detailed and fancied something a bit brighter on the colour scale too.  I settled on a green and white combination.  Not the brightest but far more vibrant than the colour pallette I have been using of late.  I also decided to go for a check pattern.  It seemed like a good idea at the time but proved to be very time consuming.  Having said that I was more than a little chuffed with the end result.

Some photo’s below starting with some work in progress shots.


Getting this little chap completed left me feeling motivated to get some of the others done.  I think I will try to take advantage of my mood and look to get another mounted figure done in the coming week.


33 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 51 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 29”

  1. Wow, TIM! So this pic really pops in my feed and I was pretty interested in getting to check it out. It’s safe to say the actual pictures and progress pics didn’t disappoint! Not sure if you use this method, but someone once told me to pencil in the design and then paint over it. Seems to work pretty good. Though it appears from your lines, you already have a pretty steady hand! I’m guessing no coffee and Rock n’ Roll while you paint?!! Haha!

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      1. Haha yea, the first time I used pencil I went to strong and was cursing the lines showing the paint. Awesome that you can go straight to brush though, that’s a sign of a master! 😀

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  2. Excellent work on the freehand here, Dave! I know that this kind of thing can take some patience but the results speak for themselves and the green and white pattern is very striking as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what knight you paint up next! 🙂

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  3. Love the checkered freehand and especially the WIP shots – nicely revelatory as to the great final outcome. Glad your departure took you into this color scheme, came up superb and will be very nice add to your diorama.

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  4. Stunning as always. I did my first attempt at check patterns this week (though just on parts of the horse – I wasn’t crazy enough to do the whole thing). It was challenging and I ended up having to go back and paint a number of the individual squares to even them up more. It’s given me a much greater appreciation of what an outstanding job you’ve done with this (and that I don’t want to do it again 😂)

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    1. Thank you but don’t give up doing similar things. I didn’t start at this level but practice and more practice together with discovering liquid flow aid made all the difference. Before you know it you’ll have some lovely looking and unique minis. 🙂

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      1. To be fair I quite enjoyed doing it but much of my painting is aimed at cracking through volume at the minute. Contrast paints have got me excited about how quickly I can paint up the remains of my Lizardmen to clear them!

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    1. Cheers mate. It’s a lot if effort but knights can look so spectacular when they are done which for me makes the personal reward higher and more worthwhile. I’ll be interested on your take on the enjoyment and reward aspect once you get started on your mounted project. 🙂

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