Dio-Bolical Monday No: 50 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 28”

I decided I would work on the  base level of the Barn.  The main reason for this was wanting at some point to place it on the main base to visualise more accurately how things were coming along (or not as the case might be).  I should also add that I wasn’t really in the mood for doing more intricate painting.

Before I knew it I was fully absorbed in the task ahead, so much so that a) I forgot to take any work in progress pictures (they would have been dull anyway) and b) I suddenly realised that I hadn’t put together a blog post for publishing.  So, here I am at 21:30 hours on a Sunday night writing this post for publication tomorrow morning.

Now normally I am well organised but these days, and it’s been that way for a while, my mind is all over the place.  Why?  Age has almost certainly got something to do with it but I think I have identified a bigger problem.  Put simply I have, for now at least, lost interest in just about everything I once considered important to me.  I can think of lots of reasons why this might be but I’m digressing and I have a post to complete.

My laziness and lack of planning meant that once again my photos were taken quickly using my phone so apologise once again for the poor quality, I promise to do better in the future.

There isn’t much I can say about the Barn.  The painting style and paints used have been documented in past posts so I see little point repeating them again here (so lazy!).  The only thing that I did which wasn’t a smart move was using sawdust as the material for making the muck texture on the floor of the Barn.  Nothing wrong with the look of it but the sawdust mixed with watered down PVA simply took an absolute age to dry.  It tested my patience as far too many things seem to do these days but it was a  good lesson learnt and one I’ve put down to experience.

Images of the latest state of play on the Barn below.


As far as the Barn goes the roof is the next section to be painted.  After that I have the doors and a few other bits and bobs to do but they can come later and after the ground work has been done once the base of the Barn has been stuck down.  That won’t be yet a while as the mounted figures have to be completed first and fixed into position.

Next week I might do more work on the Barn but I really ought to get another mounted figure done.


36 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 50 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 28”

  1. I hope you’re ok mate – sounds like you’re not quite yourself at the moment? For what it’s worth, the barn is looking excellent – I zoomed in on that inside shot & it looks like a real full sized building interior!! Superb mate 😊👍

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    1. Glad you like the Barn Alex, these buildings are a joy to paint. Appreciate the concern mate. I don’t think I’ve been the same since my dad died earlier this year. That fact that yesterday was fathers day did little to help. I guess these things take time.

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  2. The barn looks spectacular TIM, and the effect inside may have taken ages to dry, but was well worth it. One of the things that can effect people greatly is the change in the weather, with the days getting hot, it can make you feel lethargic, plus with all that’s happened this year, it’s fully understandable. It sounds like you still get enjoyment out of this, by getting so absorbed into what you were doing, but maybe not pushing yourself hard so it becomes a chore.

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    1. Glad you like the Barn Dave. I’m pleased with how it is coming on so far. I think all you’ve said is valid. It’s been quite a year so far and it’s only June! Things will settle down I’m sure, just a matter of time.

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  3. I’m feeling the same way, Dave, so we’re maybe attuned to the same hive mind! If you could just drink half a bottle of whisky I’ll let you know if I get squiffy and end up with a hangover! Nice work on the building though, does look very realistic! 🙂

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  4. Once again that’s looking damn nice! I’m still not entirely convinced you’re not just photographing a real barn and using some kind of photo editing wizardry to make it look as though it’s on your desk. As for the other stuff Alex said what I was thinking (he is a wise man at times but don’t tell him I said so) – be good to yourself and give yourself time.

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  5. The barn looks great, Dave! I’m really glad that you were able to sink your teeth into it this week. The weathering and details you put into the already high quality sculpt really bring this to life. This is going to be one amazing diorama when its all done! 🙂

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  6. The barn looks lovely and the sawdust and barn floor look amazing – so well-worth the effort. Yeah, Father’s Day is tough buddy – with you on that. As for organizational skills, thanks – though it escapes the attention of my wife…

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  7. Nice work on that barn and the details are paying off as usual! Hope you’re doing ok. We’re dealing with my retired Father-in-law going through some depression. It kind of baffles us, as we both wish we were retired and had more time for hobbies and stuff. But it does make me wonder often what’s coming next in that stage of life and what I should be aware of. Assuming I even make it there! Hopefully it’s just the case of some doldrums for you, but you got a lot of people rooting here for you, that’s for sure!

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    1. Retirement is a funny thing but one thing is for sure, you do need interests. Fortunately I have indoor and out door ones so manage to genrally cope whatever the English weather throws at us! Unfortunately other things come with age which takes the gloss of it at times but like most things in life we work our way through it. Glad you like the Barn. 🙂

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      1. It’s good to hear that you have a number of interests. My Father-in-law doesn’t, and I guess that’s where his real problem is. I on the other hand, seem to never have enough time to hobby. Whether it’s reading, painting, learning guitar, etc. I always seem to be finding something new to do. Good to know that there is a positive side to retirement as well. Although like you say, it’s probably not all roses. Glad you’re doing ok!

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  8. Great work on the barn mate, and as the lads have said it might have been a trial but it sure looked great in the end, so real! Stop worrying about the photos as they are pretty good mate.
    I”m sure I could guess what a few things are that are taking the polish of life but I wont get started on that list! My hate list is getting pretty long now but I try to keep it to a top twenty which I review each morning and keep my wife up dated at breakfast time. Oh thats after I have read the paper to check on all the new F…. ups that our dumb politicians have spent hours working out!! Like giving them selves a pay rise while the country spins down into a abyss of debt!!
    Maybe my path to healing is to just piss of the paper and only read what our blogging mates are up to!! Cheers mate chin up, it is ups and downs for us elders but at least we know we will get through it, but heaven help the younger folk.

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    1. I’m sure you would have a pretty good guess Pat and I suspect you’d be on the button too. Some of it is an age thing as we both know. I don’t envy the youngsters but if I were in their shoes I’d drop out of society as much as I possibly could I reckon.

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      1. They are Dave, the trend here is “Stuff your money I want a less stressful life
        “ . Anyway it’s Fi’s birthday and the youngster had come up so it’s family party day 🥳. If it’s something my girls love it birthdays🤓.

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