Dio-Bolical Monday No: 49 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 27”

This week saw me on a bit of a role.  Make the most of it, I can’t promise to keep this up.  I’m not sure quite how I managed it, probably something to do with planet alignment, that or because I couldn’t be asked to do jobs in the garden.

First up we have another peasant.  I need to check but I think this is the last one I had to do.  The original figure didn’t come with an axe but with a hoe.  I didn’t think such a hard looking guy suited a hoe so I swaped it over.  It also means I can claim it as another conversion!  Images below.


To my surprise I got this one painted and finished early in the week which left me time to start on something else.  I was tempted to do more work on the Barn but then I saw how many mounted knights I still had to do and decided I ought to crack on with another one.


All in all a good weeks progress and although there is still much to do for the first time  I can see the light at the end of this particular tunnel.  Next week, work on the Barn or another mounted knight? 🤔


25 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 49 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 27”

  1. I feel that you got it right swapping to hoe for the axe, like Alex said he does look like he is up to something! The knight has come up well also, you are going to end up with a powerful number of knight mate!

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      1. Wow mate twelve knights🤔I would have thought you had done a few more than that,maybe your like me and paint extras so you can choose the best ones for the job. You should see and hear my shed😳as it’s full of extras all hoping and waiting for a part on a diorama, maybe it’s like Hollywood 😉😅

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  2. Yep, he either needed an axe or a shovel. Because there are always ditches to dig and wood to chop! 😀

    The peasant and knight look great. I like the freehand texture you did on the peasant’s shirt. Also, the tones on that horse turned out quite nice!

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  3. Nice mate. The peasant looks great. I like the colour of, what I imagine to be, his animal skin tunic. Nice conversion too. Before you know it you’ll be begging me and Wudugast to show you how to convert Orks haha. The knight is great too. It’s a nice feeling when you achieve more than expected.

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  4. You’re spoiling us with two minis in a week, mate! 🙂 I think the conversion was really well done and improves that mini. I look forward to seeing more knights and a bit of work on that barn as well!

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  5. Two minis – a commoner and a nobleman in one week? Clearly you are on the bounce back which is great to see. Nice conversion as others have noted. And a great job on both – love the axe and the shield. Now, onto the barn!

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  6. Very nice figs. The axe man is particularly nice. Villagers are cool figs and really set a scene. I have a love/hate relationship with knights. I have SO many Bretonnians still to paint. The fluffy gits.

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