28mm Carolingian Warlord

This 28mm figure is the second of four that I purchased a little while ago from Gripping Beasts, the first  being the “Legendary Viking Warlord – Ragnar Lothbrok, King of Sweden & Norway” which featured in a post a few weeks ago.

I’ve got a few things on the go in respect of vignettes and dioramas at present, including the May Challenge.  Nothing too grand but they do require drying and “next step inspiration time” and while I’m waiting for the next light bulb moment I thought I would fill the gap with some quick win figure painting rather than sit idle.  As consequence you now get to look at a Carolingian Warlord.

I like the quality of these figures from Gripping Beast as well as the historical era and it’s an interesting diversion from things I have done of late.  I still have a couple more figures from this period to do and will doubtless post details of these in due course.  I shall also take a closer look are what else this era has to offer.

Pictures below.


DSC_0792DSC_0796 (1)DSC_0795 (1)DSC_0794 (1)DSC_0793 (1)


14 thoughts on “28mm Carolingian Warlord

  1. Thank you. I’m working on a few other Dark Age models at the moment and just ordered some Norman knights too. I just love the scope of this hobby and the inspiration that comes from fellow bloggers such as yourself, there ae just so many models and periods to chose from.


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