The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 12)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!

The Ageing Process

Last week I attended a family funeral.  It has been a while since I attended one but, unsurprisingly, they always result in periods of personal reflection.  I’m sure I will share more of my inner most thoughts with you in future posts but for now I find myself considering the ageing process.

When I was a young man I fantasized about being seduced by an older women (those of you familiar with Mrs Robinson in the film The Graduate will be able to relate to this), considered the idea of sleeping with a women in her 60’s repulsive (that would be like having sex with your granny, err!), thought a super model was Raquel Welch and, if I ever got lucky, would panic if I couldn’t find a condom in the drawer of my bedside table!

Then the ageing process kicked in.

Now if I look at a much younger woman I’m considered a dirty old man, I am now sleeping with (a soon to be) 60 year old woman, think a super model is something one of you guys has posted on your blog and panic if I can’t find my reading glasses in the drawer of my bedside table!

It’s a funny old world.

The Devil is in the Detail

I enjoy modelling and making vignettes and dioramas but I’m a long way short of being any sort of expert so I was flattered to be asked recently what I considered made a good diorama.  An interesting question and one where the answer varies I suspect depending upon who you ask.

Somethings are in my opinion a given.  Ideally the paint work and the setting will look good and everything is in scale.  Hopefully it will also tell a story or more likely appear to capture a moment in time, the equivalent of a still photograph if you like.  The nature of the piece, be it historical, present day or futuristic is largely a matter for the modeller and what they were inspired to create.  However, despite the importance of all of these things it is the detail, or lack of, which makes or breaks a diorama in my opinion.  Allow me to provide an example.

The other day I saw a diorama which had been put together of a tank centred on a nice base the landscape of which was mainly mud.  The tank was excellent, far better than anything I could do and the mud looked very realistic.  The only problem was how had the tank got to the centre of the base, driving across a muddy terrain having left no tracks?

The devil is in the detail.

Is it good to have a routine?

Last week, not for the first time, I received an email from WordPress offering some tips on how to grow my blog.  I didn’t take too much notice of it but one tip did catch my eye, mainly because unintentionally I was actually doing it already.  The tip was to post regularly.

Now the only reason I post regularly is because I have the time to do so and because I enjoy it, it’s not by design and intent to establish a blog empire.  Some people will argue that it’s good to have a routine, others prefer to be more impulsive.  Personally I confess to being a creature of habit and liking an element of routine and order but am not governed by it.  If the opportunity arises to do something in the heat of the moment or off the cuff then that works for me.  However, some routines are far from desirable.

I once heard of a chap whose bodily functions ran like clockwork.  Every morning at six thirty he would have a wee.  He was so geared to this routine apparently that you could set your watch by it.  The only problem was he never woke until seven!

Like I say, not all routines are good.  You’ve been warned.


Until next time.


12 thoughts on “The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 12)

  1. Quit ogling my super models, you dirty old man! 😀

    Yea, this post cracked me up. Thinking back to when I was young guy and what my priorities were, it’s hard to believe how different things were. But also how some things haven’t changed much at all.

    I too am a creature of routine. It often gets disrupted by the chaos of the world, but when I manage to get on track for a long time, it feels great and I love the feeling of getting things accomplished.

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    1. Haha very good! Spot on about the chaos of the world. What is it they say “if you want to make God laugh tell him youv’e got a plan!” Never a truer word spoken. As an aside did you get my message via your contact page about Flashback Friday?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww man, I didn’t get your message. I just double checked and I had a ‘throw away’ email address in my account. I’ve updated it and changed the notification settings, so I should be able to get all stuff now. I’ve done a quick search through the old email account, but still not finding your message yet. 😦

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  2. Cheers Mark, a distant cousin but sad all the same. These days with so many people not marrying but living together funerals are about the only time we get together. After nearly 40 years I think I’ll stick with my wife. Just don’t tell her, it’s good to keep her on her toes!

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  3. Sorry to hear about the funeral man.

    I always wanted an older woman and for a time I had one but as luck would have it I married a super model ten years my junior and couldn’t be happier! She’s not really a super model but she Bloody is in my eyes.

    A good post mate.

    In regards to the tank diorama, maybe it’s a conked out tank and has been laying there dormant for weeks. Therefore the tracks have long since washed away. Hehe I get your meaning though. Sometimes I’m so eager to post a picture of my new model that I fail to see an arse in the background for example haha.

    In regards to regular posts I do it because I’m impulsive and have too much energy. However it seems to work well in creating a buzz and gets people talking etc. it’s becoming more and more apparent to me that the chit chat is just as important as the model or subject etc.

    One more thing. I’m a 39 year old child and I laugh more and more at how I’m getting older and how much more like my Dad I’m becoming. A lot of my mates say they feel like they’re already starting to slow down but I’m quite the opposite. I find I have more energy for things I enjoy. I think it’s because I have so much I want to do before I toddle off haha.

    Stay cool matey

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  4. The funeral was for my dad’s cousin who was 88, sad but not tragic unlike some I have attended in the past.

    Glad to hear you are happy with your better half. I remember my wedding like it was only yesterday, if it was tomorrow I’d cancel it! I’m joking or course.

    Nice theory on the tank but a little far fetched and unlikely in my opinion. I prefer the more obvious theory that it was dropped from a great height by an alien spaceship on its way back to Uranus (see how I got your arse back into it!).

    I think we share the same view regarding the chit chat (must be in the genes son!) and it’s importance, I get off on it too, far more fun than I ever thought it would be. So important to have a laugh.

    As for getting older, age is just a number, well that’s what I told the judge who said I was old enough to know better!

    Hang loose my friend.

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  5. I won’t comment on the first ,as I’m a little bit more burdened with elderly physical problems ,bad eyesight ,deaf ( so I don’t get to hear any successes ) ,(one does not sleep with your hearing aids for the benefit of the young and healthy .) , not that that happens on a regular occasion ,so on to the next subject ,The devil in the detail , you have nailed it in one Dave ,that is exactly what I strive for ,whether I get there is another thing , as you have said before ,we are a nice bunch of modellers ,but are we fearful off giving offense if we offer constructive criticism (re .the tank ) . Food for thought eh ! . I personally love the feedback from my critical friends, it points out little things that one can miss in the excitement of getting the job finished .
    Finally ,routine and time ,I’m glad you have it, as you use it well, and I’m sure I, and our little group of lads appreciate your musing’s , you just make me piss myself laughing after a week of grind . Keep it up matey ,have a grand weekend ! .

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    1. Like you I’m more than happy to receive constructive criticism, how else do we improve? I am however worried about you pissing yourself, and hope it’s not another age related problem! Enjoy your weekend, I’m off to complete something for Azazels May challenge.

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