28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Graveflesh Servant

Those of you who follow my blog will know that the fantasy genre is a departure from my usual fare of mainly Old West, WW1 and a little bit of WW2, Dark Ages and other periods thrown in when I get bored and need to do something different.  I mention this only because I don’t really know what a Grave flesh Servant is.  I’m guessing he is something akin to a grave robber come zombie(ish) charachter?  In any event it doesn’t much matter.  The thing is the figure simply took my fancy when I was browsing the Reaper site.

At the risk of repeating myself and becoming even more boring I just love the detail to be found in the Reaper white metal figures, they are a joy to paint.  More Reaper figures will follow.  Several sit primed on my desk and the list of future purchases grows ever longer.  For all that though I have an urge for putting together a small Old West diorama which will require some minor figure conversions.  With so much to do I’d better get on with it!

Dark, hopefully atmospheric, photos below of the completed figure set on a small desolate base with a no thrills wire tree and a few rocks added.  Painted in acrylics and oils.



28 thoughts on “28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Graveflesh Servant

  1. Given the name of Grave Flesh Servant, I’m going to go with reanimated corpse/zombie. Also, that stitching on his chest is a bit of a giveaway. 🙂
    Very cool model and paint – I like the ruined and partially discoloured look you’ve give the flesh on his face. Nice desolate look to the background, and the “nighttime” look with the dark background works well.
    I think you need to create a zombie western diorama – or set of figures that can be base-slotted into a diorama.
    Have you seen Wargames Foundry’s Zombie Gunfighters?
    Great Escape Games also has some Zombie Western figures for their Dead Man’s Hand game, but buying them is anything but straightforward as they only seem to come in gang packs for their game, and you can’t see the models properly on their page, and…

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  2. He came out really good … I wish I had a servant like that where I lived to do odd chores such as rat catching, mowing the lawn, and eating people who stand at the end of my driveway trying to get a cell signal….

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  3. I think you have totally embraced Reaper minis and are now on that long road to painting fantasy figures! I think this guy’s great and even I noticed the not quite healthy pallor to his face! Funnily enough, Ann mentioned rat catching and I was just thinking the odd rat or two wouldn’t look out of place on this guy’s base!
    Since I’m rarely early at replying to posts, I’d guess that your zombie gunfighters are now ordered and if you say otherwise that’s just a poorly-disguised attempt to fool SWMBO!

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    1. Haha, not ordered just yet but funnily enough I was just looking at them again when your comment came through! You are right about Reaper, they have really caught my imagination at the moment. As well as the figures there is scope for different base work too. Rats would have been a good addition with hindsight. Others I have planned will probably be kept on simple bases for the most part but I have my eye on a couple where I will aim for something more elaborate.

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    1. Thanks Pete. I’ve set myself the challenge of limiting the base size whilst trying to do something a little different with each figure I do. Not sure just how well that’s going to work out with the rest though!


  4. He’s a creepy one. I like his eyes, hair and the stitches in his stomach and chest. Great model and paintwork man. Have you ever considered printed backdrops for your vignettes and dioramas? I don’t always use them but they can give a nice extra something. That’s not to say that this piece is lacking at all just a thought. Eg for you Wild West heat print out some desert back drops etc. Keep up the good work Dad 👍🏼🤘🏼

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    1. Not a bad shout son. I have done some outside shots – remember Magua? – and they look better for sure. Also tried some indoor ones like you suggest but the backdrops were glossy and the light bounced off of them so they didn’t really work. Will have to try something with a matt finish because I think you’re right with your comment.

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      1. No worries mate (how’s that for speaking a little Aus lingo?) never thought you did, it’s not really about the models, more about the photography and a good idea is a good idea, even when it comes from you! 😉

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  5. As they say down here in the American south, “He’s purty!” I like the Reaper mini’s. I’m using them in the Godawful monsters game so I can field a wide variety of them. Thanks for checking in on my blog. Welcome aboard!

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  6. So I’m reading along and thinking, ‘I’d rather see some more War/Western painted up minis from TIM…’. But then the first pic hits and I’m wow’d! Your work on the clothes and the skin is pretty amazing. I kinda miss the more elaborate dioramas, but at the same time, this makes it all about the mini and really allows your paint to shine. Great work, and I hope you’re proud of the monster you have brought to life! And I’m not talking about IRO.

    One question, is his left eye missing? I think it would be cool if the left eye is just an empty socket or seriously messed up. Adds to that whole Graveflesh Servant vibe. I also like the mention of adding rats to the base.

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    1. No the left eye isn’t missing but a decent photo of the figure from that angle is now that I come to think about it. That said your take on it is a good one. I will get round to some more involved dioramas soon, in fact I’m working on one in addition to some more single figures at the moment. When I first started out single figures were my thing so for the moment I’m enjoying a little nostalgia albeit with Reaper figures which are new to me. I’m not lacking ideas which is either a good thing or a bad one depending your view of my work! One idea is a western one which will please my brother if nobody else!

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  7. Very cool mate – he is almost certainly meant to be a flesh golem, (i.e. assembled from body parts and animated), rather than a ‘true’ zombie, but like you say, it doesn’t matter much – especially when he’s painted and presented this well!! Cracking job 🙂

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  8. Another great job mate I was immediately drawn to the chain it really stands out, I am yet to master painting my metal parts but keep trying !. I liked IRO’s comment about the use of backdrops and would be interested to see any result if you try them ,I like the idea myself but I find it hard to find the right one and some I feel won’t benefit so I don’t bother .The only one one that really liked was one found by the WOOFER and used on the Roman ambush dio .
    And yeah! the rest of the paint job was really good as usual .

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