“The Hairy Biker” – A 28mm Diorama

This week I finished the last in my little mini serious loosely falling under the sub heading of “Post Apocalypse”.  In total that makes for five little dioramas.  Now I do not need to tell you that five is an odd number but I do need to tell you that I am big on symmetry and so a sixth model is needed.  I have an idea for what that will be but right now I have yet to decide on how it will be built and exactly what figures to go with it (and if I can then find them to buy!).  For now the sixth is a little ways off but watch this space.

This one is the second of the bikers I bought from Crooked Dice.  They have a third but I have no plans for that one, well not yet anyway.  Another great figure in my opinion which came in four parts.  Another enjoyable paint job and an opportunity to use (albeit only a little bit) my other colour shift paint from Green Stuff World.

All in all quite happy with the way it turned out but now it is time to turn my attention to my Jewel of July project for Azazel’s monthly challenge.

Pictures below.



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