Dad’s Army – Part 3 (28mm Figures)

Apparently this is my 200th WordPress post.  Unfortunately I hadn’t appreciated until now that I had reached this land mark and therefore I have nothing more exciting to present you with than Part 3 of my Dad’s Army figures.  I’ll try to do better the next time I reach a blog milestone.

As I go on holiday today (by the time you read this scheduled post I will probably be on my way) I have been up against it this week to get the next two figures done.  I should also tell you that this will be my last post for a couple of weeks too.  Hopefully if I can get internet access I will try to keep up with what you are all up to but I wont be posting myself.  As much as I need a break I reckon you guys deserve one as well!

So, back to this post,  What we have today is Private Godfrey (Medic) and Air Warden Hodges.

The Warlord Games accompanying flyer refers to Godfrey as “… a veteran of the Great War whose frailty, age and weak bladder prevent him serving with quite his old vigour”.

Of ARP Warden Hodges it says “Hodges the Air Raid Warden and local grocer is Mainwaring’s great rival.  The pair are always bickering over the use of the Church Hall, which they share together with the Verger’s Sea Scouts.  He always begins any confrontation with Captain Mainwaring with a cry of, “now look ‘ere Napoleon!”  None the less, when it comes down to it, both know which side they are on.

So on to the figures.  Nothing much to say on the painting front other than both figures required a minimal amount of freehand.  I also think the sculptor did a pretty good job on capturing the image of Godfrey.


All being well I will complete the final two figures of the uniformed figure set when I get back but until then enjoy your break from me!



18 thoughts on “Dad’s Army – Part 3 (28mm Figures)

  1. Nice work on those two, again you’ve really captured the character of both of them. Despite Hodges being essentially the villain of the piece (far more so than Hitler who was always a very long way off set) I always found the verger much harder to like. Even though I’ve not seen the show in years whenever I find that my partner has left a light on in a room that she’s not in I catch myself going “Oi, put that light out, don’t you know there’s a war on!” Why she puts up with me I really can’t imagine 🙄

    Anyway, congrats on the milestone and enjoy your holiday!

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  2. Congrats mate, I don’t think I’ll get to fifty let alone two hundred ! I’m getting the feeling you are getting pretty good at this Dave ,having holidays that is !

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      1. Yeah ,shit I forgot that one ,HaHa and yeah and just back from Tassie and throw in the last couple of weekends away ,maybe Mr Holiday boy should just shut up !!!🤐.Have a good one mate I’m still catching up and don’t think I’m dumb but I’m working backwards through them all the posts .

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  3. Looking good as always. Godfrey is one of my favourite characters. That reminds me, I seem to remember having a Dad’s Army annual sometime in the 70’s. Enjoy your hols mate, going anywhere nice?

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    1. Thanks mate. On a Mediterranean cruise calling at Vigo and Barcelona in Spain, Rome , Florence and Pisa in Italy plus Gibralter and Marseille. Ship just pulling out of Southampton now so time for another cocktail! Bon Voyage!

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      1. Toodle Pip old bean. If a little Belgian detective with a moustache gets on, I suggest you leave 😉. Evidently Shetland is very popular with cruise companies… just saying 🤣

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