“Gruff” – Post Apocalypse Survivor

It will not surprise you to know that “Gruff” is a 28mm Hasslefree figure.  Before too long I will have exhausted my supply of them and I will have to place another order. Some new releases should be out soon as well and that will provide the ideal time I think.  In the meanwhile I have plenty of other things to do but more on that in future posts.

The image on the back of “Gruff” is embossed so freehand opportunities for my imagination were limited.  I did however add a stripe and numbers to his shorts and a couple of letters (hardly detectable in the photo’s below) to the can he is holding.   Other than that it was a simple figure with no difficult areas to access so painting him was pretty quick and easy.  I kept the base simple, mainly out of laziness really.  Although I like the figure I wasn’t inspired beyond just painting it, partly I think because my imagination and ideas are now taking me all over the place right now.  Quite where that will lead though remains to be seen.



28 thoughts on ““Gruff” – Post Apocalypse Survivor

  1. I love this figure and almost got it with my latest order from Hasselfree (which turned up today, so yay!). Excellent job on him, and the face and beard are superb!

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  2. Great job as always and I like this sculpt’s combination of mundane plus the samurai-looking sword. I don’t know where he got it but I think anyone would be hard pressed to get the sword away from him!

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