Sire Will’m de Bovile

It pays every now and then to remind yourself what you have previously bought and forgotten about.  Going back a good few months I was reminded that I had a spell of painting some Footsore Baron’s War Knights for the specific purpose of clearing my backlog and putting the finished figures up on Ebay for sale.  My overall objective was partly achieved in that I completed all the foot figures I had but wasn’t in the mood to paint the couple of mounted knights that I also had.  Instead I put them back in the cupboard and duly forgot all about them … again.  All this was before I decided to paint a medieval army.

As chance would have it and while searching for something else I stumbled across the two mounted knights once again.  As they were already primed it seemed like a good idea to take on the challenge of painting one to see how it came out before taking the plunge and buying more mounted knights. 

The only real decision I had to make was what colour scheme to go with.  I rather liked the idea of doing black and yellow again as it had worked out well on my recent foot knight but needed to identify another character who sported such livery.  Enter stage left “Sire Will’m de Bovile”.  I have no idea who he is but at some point I will google the chap to learn more.

As far as the painting goes there is really only two things to mention.  Firstly, I dispensed with the idea of masking tape.  Whilst I’m sure it is ideal with an airbrush I cannot get on with it when using a brush, even when stippling.  The folds in the Caparison (is that the right term?) would have made the use of masking tape pretty difficult too.  Secondly, this kind of freehand painting whilst enjoyable and rewarding is, for me at least, very, very time consuming.  That’s not a complaint by the way just an awakening on my part to just how long each mounted knight is going to take me.

My only other comment relates to the banner.  Part of me thinks it is to big (not that I am about to change it) but from what I can see from the bit or research I have undertaken they do appear to come in all shapes and sizes to the point where they dwarf a knight completely.  As to the making of it I elected to once again to use Japanese writing paper.  It has a nice cloth like texture to it.

So, without further ado images of my armies first 28mm mounted knight.



32 thoughts on “Sire Will’m de Bovile

  1. I love the way you’ve done the heraldry on this chap — so simple but so effective! The colour of the horse’s skin is awesome too.

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  2. Lovely work as always, and a nice banner too, glad to see you went simple with the standard considering he’s just a knight, can’t wait to see what you come up with for the more “important” personalities standards!

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Thanks Roger. Standards is something else I still need to investigate more on (glad I managed to hit the space bar there other wise that could have read quite differentiy!). It all adds to the interest of the project though. 🙂


  3. Brilliant! Is he the first for the army or have I missed some? Will the whole army be in this general scheme? The flag is big but I just had a quick look and some of the banners and flags were actually quite huge at times. I’m surprised some of these standard bearers didn’t get caught by the wind and taken for a ride through the sky. Really nice work mate. I’m super excited to see more of this army.

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    1. Cheers mate, glad you like the little chap. He is the first mounted knight but my last few posts have included a couple of foot knights. No specific uniform, they will all be individuals, well that is the aim. The project has only just started to get off the ground so you haven’t missed too much. The banner is big but from the little research I have done the things were in some cases bloody huge! How they held on to then I have no idea. 🙂

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  4. This came out nicely and you certainly set yourself up for a challenge picking yellow and black. Those two colors look great together but aren’t necessarily easy to work with. Its nice to see you paint up a mounted knight for your army and I’m looking forward to seeing more! 🙂

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  5. Nice work. I think keeping the livery similar colours to some of the foot knights, and even the other rank and file as you paint them, will give the appearance of this guy being their leader with a smattering of retinue fighting alongside him.

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  6. Your modelling son is correct Dave they were bloody big as they had to be seen in all that confusion on the battle field. I’m not sure if you have seen the sight that deals with 1/72 scale figures , the ones I use, but they are an amazing bunch of lads that i have used since I got back into modelling, forgive me if i’m preaching to the converted but they review all of the sets of this scale, and guess what mate ,one of their biggest complaints is the size of flags and banners, its always that they are far to small !
    Sorry waffling on, love the knight and the banner is superb!!

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  7. Excellent choice of mini and paints are very nice! I often forget which minis I have, and unfortunately have bought the same mini more than once! Paints I keep track of in an app, but I have had a few slips there as well.

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