Sir Cecil de Vert

Work continues on my Baron’s War army.  At times progress seems slow but at other times it doesn’t.  I think it depends on what pile of figures I look at, the pile I’ve painted or the pile I still have to do.  Mathematically I’m approaching half way on the foot figures that I have purchased which will be a landmark moment.  Until such times as I buy more figures it will soon start to feel like I am coming down the other side of the mountain.  Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the mounted figures and I really must begin to make more progress on these.

Meanwhile back to this weeks figure.

I decided to deviate from authentic characters and heraldry and in doing so came up with this little chap.  An uncle who died a couple of years ago whose name was Cecil Green came up in a recent conversation with my mum and dad and this served as my inspiration for the name Sir Cecil de Vert.  I may well look at my family tree for further names if I continue down this fictional route. 

The inspiration for the colour scheme came from the Orlando Bloom character “Balian de Ibelin” in the film Kingdom of Heaven. 

Images below.




30 thoughts on “Sir Cecil de Vert

  1. That is a fantastic tribute, mate. I love that you used Kingdom of Heaven as inspiration too. Orlando Bloom’s outfit in that movie is really nice looking and you nailed it with this mini. The knight project remains excellent and you’re keeping us surprised and very much engaged with awesome minis like this 🙂

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  2. Having a bit of experience at shield freehand painting, let me say that this one’s shield is fantastic! The rest is great as well. If you ever sell him, double the price – well worth it – kudos!

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  3. That is a nice nod to your uncle mate, I’m sure you can continue along the same line with a lot of your family members ! I have to say you have done well with the colours you have chosen for Sir Cecil and again your brush skills are to be admired!

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