Tomb Stoned – A 28mm Old West Diorama (Part 2)

If I’m being honest this is probably going to be a dull post to write and an even duller one to read but lets see how it goes.

The truth of the matter is this is going to be a long project involving lots of work and lots and lots of down time while I wait for things to dry.  Progress will be slow but in many respects that’s the point.  One, it gives me a large background project which can develop as it goes and allows me to dip in and out as I please.  Two, while things are drying I get to work on other things allowing my boredom threshold to not get the better of me.  Hence the posts I have put up since part 1!

So, where exactly am I at the moment?  A bloody good question!

Well the roof has now been fully tiled.  It now needs to be undercoated and painted.  I will probably undercoat it but I am thinking I might keep the proper painting on hold for the moment until I have other buildings at a similar stage.  It might be easier that way to match colour schemes, not that they have to be identical in any way.  I’ll mull that one over a bit more.


The building walls have been assembled and 99% has now been clad.  There is an annoying little bit to do which I need to get my head around so I don’t create a problem for myself at the next stage of assembly.  The same issue on painting applies here too, do I wait until I have made similar progress on other buildings first?


The chimney is almost finished.  Now completely clad in bricks it does to my mind look so much better.  What needs to be done now must wait until the next stage of sub-assembly.


All in all I am happy with the progress.  Yes it is going very slowly but that was always the plan.  The questions for me now are where on this building do I go from here?

Right now the big question I have to answer for myself is what, if anything, is going inside the building?  This is not a gaming board, it’s a diorama.  The figures don’t simply sit on the groundwork they have to be incorporated into it.  The question of how much you will actually see also comes into play.  Some serious thinking to be done before making some purchases and/or starting some scratch building.

In the meanwhile I have another biker to finish!






14 thoughts on “Tomb Stoned – A 28mm Old West Diorama (Part 2)

  1. Nice work making all those bricks mate ,a true modelling hero ,the chimney looks great .I’m with you on all those dilemmas about positioning especially when dealing with buildings and figures ,but you are the master in this field as you have shown us before so I’m sure you will get it right in the end .I myself will stay with the easy option of lots of figures and few if any buildings at the moment . I haven’t been idol mate ,as you know its winter here so that means figure painting time ,and lots of them ! ,will try to get something up soon to prove it !

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