This figure is from Hasslefree and is based on the character Snake Plissken played by Kurt Russell in the 1996 film “Escape From LA”.  I decided to paint this one up as a single figure but since doing that have typically had several little diorama ideas, accordingly this figure will almost certainly be bought again at some point.

I went for a simple base made of a small piece of carved plaster board.  The more I use this stuff the more I love it.  It produces great texture and as it is naturally absorbent it produces instant shadows.  Add a little dry brushing and viola, all done.



26 thoughts on “Cobra

  1. well you certainly caught the character there, took me straight back to the video, oh and the first missus, hmm we will leave that one there. Nicely painted as usual, shame there isnt a roll of tape on the floor, idea for next time..

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  2. “The name’s Plissken”.

    Great miniature, very well painted – looking forward to seeing those dioramas when their time comes. Great film as well, it’s a mate of mine’s favourite, very quotable too. 🙂

    “You going to kill me, Snake?
    “Not now, I’m too tired. Maybe later.”

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  3. Great looking model, film wise I preferred Escape from New York, but L.A. did have cooler gadgets and effects. Look forward to seeing what you do diorama wise

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  4. Excellent work on this guy! I love the military colors you used and I think you captured the character well (if I can be fit to judge, I haven’t seen either of the movies unfortunately). IRO is right about the muscles too. You really notice those right away.

    Incidentally, this character inspired a famous video game character as well. Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series who rips off the name and look of Kurt Russell.

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  5. Hey mate you have painted this guy so well he looks pretty life like!! with all the houses they are ripping down around here one would imagine I would be able to get my hands on some of that plasterboard wouldn’t you, but know not a bloody scrap! HA HA ! I never thought builders were so tidy.

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    1. Where have the years gone? Something I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. All well this end Mark thank you but looks like another national lockdown is on the cards very soon. Trust all is well with you and yours. Stay safe mate, going to be a tough winter I fear.

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      1. As long as your asking that you’re on the right side of the fairway. Thanks for asking we’re fine but it’s a bad time everywhere. You are right about the winter too, and we got snow already.

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